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Public Safety Staff Studies

We help police departments understand and adjust their operational capacity to ensure city resources are deployed efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to developing recommendations tailored specifically for your unique needs is what sets us apart.

With more than a century’s worth of hands-on experience in law enforcement and public safety, we have a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges cities and their police departments face.

Communities across the country are calling for increased accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. Never before has it been more important for city and police leaders to understand their operational capacity to meet the needs of their residents – and officers – in ways that align with community values.

Public safety staffing assessments are a great way for agencies to understand how to better deploy their limited resources to achieve excellence in policing:

·      Improved operations

·      Increased officers wellness

·      Enhanced public safety

·      Reduced liability

·      Strengthened communications.

Because each community is unique and requires different levels of service from their police departments, we take a community-centered approach to our work and engage residents, business leaders, educators and students, community leaders and others in the conversation.

Then we gather and analyze department and city data to see how it stacks up to national policing best practices.

We use these data to provide a complete picture of the agency’s structure, staffing and operations – along with actionable steps you can take to seek efficiencies and improve the overall effectiveness of your public safety efforts.

“The thing I liked best about working with the Axtell Group was the way their team went beyond the usual metrics to gain a deep understanding of our culture, our community and our unique needs."

- Chief Tanya Schwartz
Burnsville Police Department


Todd Axtell, President and CEO


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