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Robert Thomasser

"From the moment a project begins, The Axtell Group works closely with your leadership team to develop the exact scope and path to work completion. We focus on making sure the final deliverables, time invested and discoveries are valuable, actionable and unique to our partners."

About Robert Thomasser

Robert Thomasser retired from the Saint Paul Police Department in 2022 after a distinguished 32-year career that began with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's and ended with him serving as the Assistant Chief for his hometown police department. 

While with the Saint Paul Police Department, Thomasser worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration taskforce (on loan from St. Paul police), was commander of the narcotics and vice unit, and served as the second in command under two police chiefs. 

His focus is on operational effectiveness, operational efficiency, policy development and evolving strategies and tactics to stay ahead of emerging trends, threats and opportunities for improvement. 

He lives in Saint Paul, Minn. 

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