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Daphne Van Buren, J.D., Senior Advisor


Daphne Van Buren is a senior advisor for The Axtell Group.


With a wealth of experience in local and state government, law enforcement, and the private sector, Daphne provides responsive support to leaders as they work to develop and achieve their visions in both government and corporate environments. 


Daphne has served as an assistant attorney general with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, where she counseled clients on regulatory compliance, rulemaking, data privacy and operations. She then joined the City of Saint Paul, Minn., City Attorney’s Office, where she served as the law enforcement advisor to the Saint Paul Police Department and worked shoulder to shoulder with the agency’s leaders to develop profession-leading evolutions in policies and procedures. 


She is passionate about expanding the spaces where law enforcement and community intersect to reduce risk, enhance community trust in public agencies and improving the professional experiences of those who answer the call to serve their communities—from police officers to fire fighters to elected officials and government employees doing the difficult and important behind-the-scenes work to ensure the government is working well for everyone.


In addition to her work with The Axtell Group, Daphne works in private practice, collaborating with business leaders to support innovative solutions in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. She earned her juris doctor degree from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Saint Paul and lives on a hobby farm in Northern Minnesota.

DISCLAIMER: The Axtell Group does not provide legal advice or services and encourages you to direct legal questions and requests to agency, corporate, or other counsel of your choosing.

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